October 25, 2018

Get the Captivating Look with Jens Risom Side Chair

by stin

The Risom Side Chair is one of the creations of Jens Risom in his prolific career which can never create again. It is the perfect example of perfection and graces and enough for distinct areas of a house. Being a triumph of form and simplicity, Risom Side Chair is a perfect example of comfort as well as economical with space. Its back is made from the softest fabric that supports the whole spine and its foam seat experiences prolonged comfort while maintaining its shape.

  • Perfect for almost any room setting
  • Available in black color and Mesh material

Hence, Jens Risom Side Chair is a stand-out piece on its own and caters all need to be expected in a captivating chair. At www.www.stin.com, you can buy this exceptional replica of Jens Risom’s iconic Side Chair that provides a captivating contrast to the comfy, rounded seat, balancing the overall look.