September 2, 2018

Give an exceptional look with Isamu Noguchi Coffee Table

by stin

Are you looking buy a table that gives an extraordinary looks to your sitting area? The Isamu Noguchi Coffee Table is a perfect substitute. Being designed with a perfect balance between art and furniture, it perfectly fits in the areas such as sitting room, executive lounge, reception area, waiting room, executive lounge, living room, and other areas. Furthermore, the triangular glass top in this table is balanced on a curved wood base, to create a typical, sculptural marriage between practicality and design. The wooden base used on this table base is hand-carved from the top-notch quality wood and is available in oak, walnut or black-stained ash.

  • It is designed by using the Strong tempered glass top
  • Also décor with amazing Isamu Noguchi Cyclone Table and Isamu Noguchi Cylinder Lamp
  • Beautifully designed with rustic or contemporary themes

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