October 13, 2018

Give your wall a new look with a Blue Block Clock

by stin

Decorating vacant walls with the different styles or interiors is the passion of all. If you seek something that would turn your wall into a stylish look, then you can take the help of the Blue Block Clock. It is designed with inspiring the design of George Nelson. It has 12 cool blue blocks, clean white face, and amazing design. It was designed by using the black hands, which helps the users to look at the time clearly even to the farthest location. A good choice to hang it in your kid’s rooms as they get influenced and try to learn the time.

  • Available in blue color
  • Perfect clock to add a final flourish to a room
  • Sophisticated and fresh color

To purchase it, you can log into www.stin.com where you can get a 75% discount.