July 18, 2018

Grant Featherstone brings a comfortable and stylish sofa for your home

by stin

Designed by Grant Featherstone the sofa is a direct imitation of the iconic contour chairs introduced in 1951. The design of the sofa is one of the most famous designs available in Australia. Made using Cashmere the sofa is big such that two people can comfortably sit on it. The idea of making the sofa was as like a welcome addition to the lounge of a home. The colors of the cashmere can be changed and you can get the sofa made as per the décor and look of your living room. A true design legend the sofa can be placed anywhere and it will fit with élan. Focussing on organic design and form the Featherstone sofa has been modified to suit the needs of the present day couples.  Originally though the inspiration came from chairs the design when presented gained immediate and immense popularity. Pairing it with two contour chairs and your living room has been done tastefully.