July 13, 2018

Hans Wegner inspired a masterpiece of style and looks

by stin

Created by Danish designer Hans Wegner the chair was first brought forth in the year 1949. The material used to make the chair was a unique combination of maple, oak, beech, and walnut. Usually, the color on offer is black but if need be the chair can also be provided in seven different colors. If you want you can choose the color which according to you suits the décor of your house the most. The seat provided with the chair is hand woven and uses the paper cord to provide strength with comfort. At any point, you can choose the design of your chair as per your need. For example, if you want the rustic wooden finish we will provide you that and use oil to provide the protection. On the other hand, if you want any of the colored versions we can get them hand painted with acrylic and sealed using a protective covering. This would make your chair look stylish and provide it the strength it needs.