May 27, 2018

It’s time to add Charles Eames Hang-it-all

by stin

Hangings are used to add the distinct daily use or luxury décors. The Charles Eames hang-it-all is exclusively designed to cater to this need. It has shiny wooden ball pegs with multiple colours that give a beautiful look whenever been hanged.

This replica of Charles can hang at any place such as study area, drawing room, lobby, balcony, bedroom, and other areas where you find some significant things to be kept. Moreover, this hang-it-all is a vibrant piece which would bring a touch of fun to any room. Its 14 colorful hanging pegs turn it into an exceptional piece.

Even it is the best option to place in the kids’ room so that they can their collections. Never miss a chance to buy this wonderful hanging based on the solar system, molecular physics and bouncy space hoppers. To purchase this replica of Charles, you can log in to avail 59%.