September 4, 2018

It’s time to decor your home with George Nelson’s collection

by stin

Nelson was the person able to turn inspiration into the design. He introduced his ideas on decors and furniture. His most famous pieces were based on coconuts and marshmallows. The replica of his famous collection has available at includes the following:


  • Ball clock
  • Bubble lamp crisscross pear
  • George Nelson Bubble lamp
  • George Nelson Bubble Criss cross cigar lamp
  • George Nelson Bubble lamp: crisscross ball
  • George Nelson Bubble cigar lamp
  • Bubble lamp ball
  • George Nelson wall clock
  • Steering wheel clock
  • Blue block clock
  • Kite clock
  • Asterisk clock
  • Spindle clock
  • GeorgeNelson side table
  • George Nelson dining table
  • George Nelson coffee table
  • Sunburst clock


These replica of his designs are durable, exact, exceptional, and at discounted rates. To have a look at any of these, kindly log in and avail any of them as per your choice at 50-75% discount.