July 12, 2018

Jens Risom created most stylish mesh designed chair

by stin

Artfully designed by Denmark based designer Jens Risom. the Risom chair was first introduced in the year 1943. In the pursuit to do something differently, the designer had used discarded parachute material to create the same. Designed in the color black the mesh design is immensely popular with the homeowners. A unique balance of form and simplicity the chair’s design is such that it is going to make the user feel comfortable. Introduced after the Second World War the design of the chair boasted of the manner in which Scandinavian countries were progressing. The back, as well as the seat of the Risom chair, is made of extremely soft fabric. The color of the fabric is either white or black though the wooden frame can be obtained in different kind of finishes. Risom chair boasts of simplicity and style and how they can be used together to create an impeccable product which is going to rule for long.