September 15, 2018

Let’s decorate your home with Charles Eames RSR Rocker

by stin

Not all chairs have cozy and snug features. Only some are designed with exceptional comfort and design. The Charles Eames has deemed as an iconic and timeless classic chair liked by the countless people. It is an architecturally-inspired design that combines a robust plastic shell, intricate rod frame, and a rocking base.

If you are looking ahead to purchase it, you can get a choice of black and white color as well as Plastic and Fiberglass material.

  • Part of the Charles Eames range
  • One of the first plastic chairs to be industrially produced

This collection of Charles Eames is durable, stylish, and strain-free you can place it anywhere regardless of worrying about its durability. To have a look of this classic and unique chair, access the official web portal to avail the discount of 75%.