June 8, 2018

Let’s decorate your home with corona chair

by stin

Not all chairs have comfortable features only some are designed with exceptional designs as well. The Poul Volther Corona Chair is deemed as an iconic and timeless classic chair having liked by the countless people. It has features in numerous movies, TV shows and music videos. It is designed in a way in which its individual parts are placed on a brushed stainless steel frame that curves down to a four-point star base.

If you are looking ahead to purchase it, you can get choice of four colors- Red, Black, Cream, Brown. Moreover, its upholstered is designed by using semi-aniline leather or Semi-aniline leather, or soft cashmere wool.

This collection of Poul Volther is strain- free you can place it anywhere regardless of worrying about its durability. To have a look of this classic and unique chair, access the official website of STIN www.www.stin.com