May 1, 2018

Make Yourself Comfortable In Ox Chair Stool

by stin

The comfortable ox chair stool is designed and inspired by Hans J. Wegner from Denmark. The ox chair stool is designed in a very technical way and which is comfortable for sitting. The stool is designed in such a way that the there is no support from either side and lays flat on the sitting area. The stool is made up of cashmere material or aniline leather as per needed and is highly polished. The base stand or the support is made up of high-quality metal which gives the product long-lasting effect. Other than that, the stool provides you 10 years guarantee. The ox chair stool is available in the market in various fascinating colors and will suit with all kinds of décor of the room. The molded edges of the chair are comfortable and height is optimum. Thus, people can enjoy sitting on the chair with full satisfaction.