October 27, 2018

MCL-R6 Style Contemporary Pendant Lamp - A Praiseworthy Add-On

by stin

MCL-R6 Style Contemporary Pendant Lamp is equipped with all attributes like the grace, style, charm, sophisticated light and so forth. It is a replica of Serge Mouille offers equal light coverage and works a dramatic accent piece for the dining hall, kitchen, bedrooms, and other areas need sophisticated flame of light.

Been having an exceptional look, it gives the user enough level of decor. The entire concept of its designing itself shows the vigorously hard work done by the craftsmen. Some of its characteristics are:

  • The six-headed light fixture gives a captivating look
  • Perfect to illuminate the largest spaces
  • Adjustable shades, perfect for all spaces
  • Available in black color and metal material
  • Perfect to adjust as per requirement
  • Offers sophisticated lighting to all interiors

If you dream to add-on this luxury piece in your home or office, then you can buy this from www.www.stin.com any time.