June 22, 2018

Mesmerizing your rooms with doo-wop pendant lamp

by stin

Turning your rooms into mesmerizing looks is a dream of all. Apart from adding the distinct interior decors, hanging the lamps in the centre of roofs is like to give a self-glowing feature to all interiors.  Doo-wop Pendant lamp is specially made to cater to this need.

Doo-wop is a replica of Louis Poulsen’s designer Doo-Woop Pendant Lamp gives a soft ambient light to all interiors available in a room. Moreover, being equipped with captivating design, when first launched in the 1950s, it influenced the viewers a lot as it has beautiful and complete looks. If you notice, many of the luxury hotels, institutions, and even well-constructed homes around the world have hung these sorts of lamps. It is a worthwhile idea to gift it to your beloved ones because it gives:

  • A ravishing décor to your rooms
  • Captivating design and exclusive look

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