July 11, 2018

Michael Thonet designed easy to use and comfortable chair

by stin

Made of metal the Thonet a 150 chair has been designed by renowned designer Michael Thonet. The chair was made in the 1850’s and was initially introduced in the wooden material. The seat of the chair is durable and hence going to last you for a long time.  Available in five different colors you can easily choose one which is going to match the aesthetics of your home? The design of the chair is artistic and it can easily merge into any kind of setup i.e. kitchen, living room or home office. Though the initial design was made using wood the Thonet chair is quite popular as the anytime any place chair. Finding success too soon the design of the chair was adapted into metal. With a rising popularity, the chair became preferred furniture for use in restaurants and other public places. The curved design created by Thonet has been well adapted and is quite a rage among furniture buyers.