March 23, 2019

MSC - R1C Style Contemporary Wall Lamp

by stin

Bring in this elegant looking MSC- R1C Style Contemporary Wall Lamp masterpiece which is inspired by non-other than Serge Mouille. This masterpiece comes with 10 years of guarantee. The MSC- R1C Style Contemporary Wall Lamp has adjustable shades which will let you control the lamp according to your perusal. It is inspired by Serge Mouille and has the same authenticity and essence as the original. It is made of finest quality of metal and is available in black and white colours.

  • Inspirited by Serge Mouille
  • Available in black and white colour
  • Comes with an elegant and an eye-catching design
  • Has adjustable shade

Extending over the room and making a sensational outline that owns a genuine expression, the MSC-R1C Contemporary Wall Lamp would wind up one of the unpredictable Mouille's most praised plans. The movable arm even permitted the individuals who purchased the light to alter it themselves and change the mind-set of a room voluntarily.

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