1. Stin’s Nova Pendant Lamp

    Stin’s Nova Pendant Lamp

    Our STIN has constructed their latest version of the Stin’s Hammerborg Nova Pendant Light with the design Continue reading →
  2. Stin’s Sofa

    Stin’s Sofa

    With dynamic lines and angled legs, the high-impact but still compact sofa line-up from STIN makes a stylish statement in any home. Continue reading →
  3. Scimitar Table

    Scimitar Table

    Who doesn’t like their house to look posh and perfect? If you are keen on decorating your house, Continue reading →
  4. PK31 Three Seater Sofa

    PK31 Three Seater Sofa

    If there is any single piece of furniture that can define your living space's style statement, it is a comfortable and stylish sofa. Continue reading →
  5. Other Stylish Furniture and Accessories

    Other Stylish Furniture and Accessories

    Designer accessories are among those things that reveal your personality and taste. Using designer furniture products Continue reading →
  6. FK 90 Table

    FK 90 Table

    If one is looking for a statement piece of table that will serve the purpose and will elegant at the same time, Continue reading →
  7. Eileen Gray E1027 Side Table

    Eileen Gray E1027 Side Table

    The best furniture to remodel your entire bedroom space is a sturdy and gorgeous side table. Continue reading →
  8. Eames Elliptical Coffee Table

    Eames Elliptical Coffee Table

    Are you someone who splurged on their dream large sofa and now is struggling to find the perfect table Continue reading →
  9. Componibili 2 Round

    Componibili 2 Round

    Anna Castelli Ferrieri Componibili modules are wonders introduced in this world more than four decades before. Continue reading →
  10. Featherston Sofa

    Featherston Sofa

    STIN'S Featherston Sofa is built to the exact specifications as the original, which was one of the most famous designs Continue reading →