March 17, 2021

Panthella Chrome Floor Lamp

by stin

Panthella chrome Floor Lamp is the epitome of beauty with its minimalistic yet attractive design. The lamp is made with tough iron and given a finish with acrylic construction. If you need a comfy and warm space wherein you can relax and spend your leisure time, this lamp would be your perfect companion. This lamp is created using both the shade and base to reflect the light most amazingly. Having this lamp in your living or dining area would not just make the place lively but would also distribute the light distinctively and in a balanced geometry making the atmosphere magical and full of life.

This lamp is a mixture of straight and curved forms and these are among the factors that have contributed to the legendary status of this amazing lamp. It also comes with a chic chrome stand that gives it a stylish, charming, and excellent look, thereby making it one of the best products for home décor. Panton spent years of his life, bringing out a design that can reflect the light in the best possible way. With this lamp, he created a marvel that will never fade away.