January 10, 2018

Pendant 4/3- Right Interaction of Design and Technology

by stin

These pendant lamps have a history of the decade and known for an atheistic ET functional lighting for both commercial and residential spaces. Pendant PH 4/3 lamp is derived with the idea of serving the lighting needs both indoors and outdoors in the commercial and residential environments. The lamp design is an interaction between the design and technology. It adheres to reflective three-shade design which has a light source at the axis of the spiral so that majority of light is directed downward. To give the architecture of the lamp best look, the frame of the pendant lamps are crafted in extruded aluminum and has powder coat on the exteriors and white coat on the interiors not only to give astonishing looks but also provide a glare-free downward light and that is evenly distributed in the space to give a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere.