January 11, 2018

PH 3/2 Academy Chandelier - A Luminary with Dazzle Free Lighting

by stin

Chandelier could be your choices of light for residence or commercial space if you are looking for a dazzle-free light with symmetric distribution.  It is one of the Danish timeless design and member of PH3 shade family. The lamp illuminates itself reflecting the light at matt bottom side of the glass. The lamp has single shade elements so the brightness is subdued on a continuous basis. The Chandelier lamp consists of three luminaries heads of out which one 30cm diameter on the top and two smaller ones underneath.  The aim of designing these architectural lamps is to create a dazzle-free light that casts soft shadows. The lamp design is based on logarithmic spiral where the center of the light source is placed in the spiral focal point to create soft and gentle free light to preserve your eyes.