September 16, 2018

PK33 Stool - Replica of Poul Kjaerholm

by stin

When there is a need for a stylish and comfortable stool for the residential or commercial purpose, PK33 Stool replica of Poul Kjaerholm exclusively caters this need. It looks like a footstool or ottoman but having cozy feature, it can be fitted in any place say it is an office room or a luxury bedroom room. Moreover, it is a perfect option to add to your child’s room as they can play or sit on it, without worrying about falling. Furthermore, available in different colors such as brown, yellow, orange, red, sand, white, black, you can buy like your interior’s hues.

PK33 Stools have designed like the construction techniques from the PK71 nesting tables and the PK80 daybed, but still, these have robust and expression. In brief, will give you a long lasting effect. Moreover, loose leather cushion designed for sitting purpose and three legs of steel look beautiful.

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