May 28, 2018

Place iconic design Parentesi Lamp anywhere

by stin

The Parentesi Lamp is created by inspiring the Achille Castiglioni Table lamp design which is available in white and black metallic look.  It is designed with 350 cm height from tip to base and fits effortlessly into the areas like the dining hall, study room, lounge, balcony, or office environment. 

The Parentesi Lamp has created to diffuse light to create a more pleasant atmospheric lighting experience. Moreover, once bought from the, you get the guarantee of 10 years in term of its lighting, polishing, shinning, and other features. 

The Parentesi Lamp is designed in such a way as it looks entirely like an original. You can place it anywhere to turn it into flamboyant Italian style. To get a complete look at Parentesi Lamp, open the official web portal of and place your order right now as instant placing will give you 39% discount.