March 6, 2022

Purchase Eileen Gray E1027 Side Table Online

by stin

The Eileen Gray E1027 Coffee Table was planned during the 1920s by Eileen Gray for the guesthouse room of a vacation home in France, which she worked with her sweetheart, Jean Badovici. It is an ideal side table to Eileen Gray's Bibendum Chair

The plan of the EILEEN GRAY E1027 SIDE TABLE is remarkable to such an extent that it actually looks as current and snappy today as it did almost a century prior. Our STIN variation stays reliable with both, all things considered. The glass top is more grounded and more secure than customary glass and can be raised to various statures to suit your necessities. This is an entirely snazzy and flexible table that fits totally close to any seat. The different construction and style of this table make it one of a kind from opposite side tables. Add this wonderfully straightforward piece of the table to your space and favor your eyes with the look.

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