April 25, 2022

Purchase the Poet Sofa to Bring Out the Creative inside You

by stin

Quite possibly the most famous and flexible plan made by the splendid sensualist fashioner Finn Juhl in 1941 this notorious seat with its natural structure and refined feel carries a serenity to any climate. Each piece of the couch is hand tailored and the legs of the couch are produced using strong Chinese Alder.


  • Same lavish plan from 1941
  • Hand made
  • Strong wood outline
  • 10 years ensure
  • Accessible in two tones - Black and Dark Gray


The first artist couch was made in 1941 and it tends to be as yet found in Juhl's home in Copenhagen. To purchase the Poet Sofa motivated by Finn Juhl, login to https://www.www.stin.com/couches/the-artist sofa.html and benefit 75 % rebate which is absurd whenever bought through different suppliers.