May 8, 2018

Relax in Charles Eames inspired luxurious yet comfortable Eames Lounge chair

by stin

This Charles Eames inspired lounge chair was first created in the year 1956. The lounge chair is extremely classy in looks and is made of very high-quality leather. The base of the lounge chair is made of wood finish thus making it very unique and stylish. The design of the Eames Lounge chair was made with the core thought of balancing comfort and elegance. However, the chair is pretty light and with wheels, you can easily move it around wherever you want to fit it. Provided with a shape which adjusts according to the body type of the person sitting you get to rest your back completely. The Eames lounge chair comes in seven different colors and you can at any time choose one as per your room requirement. The base provided is made of superior quality aluminum which provides stability to the lounge chair. Also known as the Eames ‘Relax chair’ get it home for comfort and relaxation.