May 26, 2021

Shop Bubble Lamp Pear Online

by stin

Original Bubble Lamp Pear was first designed by George Nelson in 1947 and now they have been carefully replicated by STIN, following the exact specifications of the original design. The product comes with 6 feet of adjustable cord and Available in two sizes: Small 11.75"H X 14.25"Dia & Medium 19"H X 17"Dia. made with silk material it comes in white color.

It has a free-flowing simple design which makes it more elegant and sleek. It’s a pear shape unique design lamp to brighten and lighten up your room, having a delicate structure enhances your room ceiling and makes it look elegant in every corner of the space. It fits well in every setting.

STIN believes in serving quality products and commits to using high-quality materials with ten years of guarantee and has come to a happy family of more than 300000 satisfied customers. Shop now at and transform your space