May 29, 2021

Shop Eames Hang It All Product Online

by stin

Eames Hang-It-All Inspired by Charles Eames is the perfect bright and playful accessory for your home created in 1953. The Hang-It-All is part of a variety of whimsical toys and furniture pieces that Ray Eames designed specifically for children. Available in 14 colorful hanging pegs, this is a perfect accessory for the hallway or for the kid’s room, where it also goes well with the Eames Elephant and the Eames DSW Chair for kids

It brings color and brightness to any room. And it's very easy to install, simply screw it into the wall. It will make your room look less messy and your wall much more attractive and colorful. The Charles Eames Hang-It-All was created to motivate children to hang up their belongings.

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