June 18, 2021

Shop Tulip Dining Table Online

by stin

A well-designed dining room can become the focus of your house. The star of this space is your dining table. They are highly functional and quite a statement with their versatile styles.

Eero Saarinen designed the iconic Tulip Dining Table in 1956. The table was created as backlash to what Saarinen described as the 'confusing, unrestful world' underneath traditional tables as a result of all the legs.

The STIN Tulip Table is a wonderful proliferation of Eero Saarinen's novel plan, it is a remarkable and ageless piece. Its hard-wearing strength and 122cm distance across make it the ideal size for personal eating with companions or an untidy family. The table has an Aluminum base and fiberglass top, available in black or white color.

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