December 2, 2017

Spice Up Your Room with Teddy Bear Chair

by stin

Teddy Bear Chair sounds interesting, right! Originally designed by Hans J. Wegner, shape of the chair has been just like a teddy bear, thus named as such. The design is extremely playful and exhibit organic design. Actually, armrest of the chair looks like great bear paws. With the time, it is the most popular chair of today. Most of the clients considered it as the gem of furniture industry. Classiness is the synonym of this range and at the same time offers a high level of comfort. The cashmere fabric or leather is used for the upholstery purpose and give it a smooth look. The mid century design showcases streamlined qualities and attracts many buyers towards it.

It’s time to spice up your home interior and add some elegance to it with a Teddy Bear chair. The upholstered chair gives you a cozy appeal. Welcome the charm to your home with different colors and fabric to match up with your requirements.