January 12, 2018

Stem Lighting - A Right Choice for Diffused Light Downwards

by stin

This ceiling lamp is stem fitting pendent designed on the logarithm of the multi-screen reflecting system to direct most of the light downwards.  This steam fitting lamp could be your choice if you want to hang the pendants on the lower heights and could be a perfect fit for areas like dinning in the household space.  The chrome plate structure of the light has three smaller lights hanging from the steam and hails from the family of PH lights hence has got the name PH 2/1 Stem. The shades of the stem fitting lamp are made of mouth-blown opal three-layer glass. The specialty of this glass is that it is shiny on the top and sandblasted matt on the underside adding a cozy look to the space. The lamp is externally polished to give a beautiful look while it is internally glazed for a diffused soft light.