April 15, 2021

STIN Barcelona Bench 2 Seater

by stin

The Barcelona bench being narrower and taller than a daybed offers an attractive alternative to the traditional dining chair. Originally designed in 1930, the Barcelona Bench was created for the world exposition in Barcelona and part of the famous Barcelona collection. Well received at that time, the Bench by STIN has gone on to be a staple piece every home needs. The Barcelona bench by STIN is also available in three sizes.

The STIN Barcelona Bench is padded with leather upholstery which makes it an excellent crossover piece. The Bench by STIN creates a visual connection between sitting, cooking and eating areas in an open-plan home. The Barcelona Bench by STIN is also available in a three seater option and comes in many colours to match and compliment your decor.

The curb volume of the couch is 0.0137 kg, with the dimension of the product being 135x42x51 cm. Finished with premium Aniline Leather, the Barcelona Bench brings a classic charm to your room. The STIN’s Barcelona Bench is made of high-quality materials and style to compliment your type of décor. STIN is renowned for offering high-quality products with ten years guarantee and has a family of 3000000+ happy customers. Visit our website to see or know more about our benches.