April 19, 2021

STIN Chesterfield 2 Seat Sofa

by stin

Based on a classic design, the classic Chesterfield 2-Seater style icon has come to STIN. Although the phrase 'chesterfield' originally makes reference to a sofa of any kind, the specific Chesterfield design dates back centuries of history. Some believe the name was derived from the fourth Earl of Chesterfield, a man who was considered to be a fashion expert. In the 1700s, Earl is thought to have committed to a special and unique piece of furniture.

This Chesterfield 2 Seat Sofa from STIN is ideal for those with a little less space whilst still being comfortable and stylish. Though its origins of the design language remain a little mysterious, there's nothing that is puzzling about why this design has persisted through the ages. The resulting design, a sofa with deep-buttoning detail, arms and back of the same height and has come to be the definition of the Chesterfield we know and love today.

Available in leather and cashmere with a selection of colours, you can choose one to perfectly suit your home: Chesterfield 3 Seat Sofa and Chesterfield Armchair. Finished with premium Leather and Cashmere, the STIN's Chesterfield 2 Seat Sofa brings a classic charm to your room. STIN's version stays faithful to the design and provides ten years of guarantee and boost of 300000+ happy consumer family.