April 22, 2021

STIN EJ5 Corona Chair

by stin

The STIN EJ5 Corona Chair iconic and timeless classic, the celebrated Poul Volther Corona Chair, has featured in countless movies, TV shows and music videos. In the year of 1964, Poul M. Volther created the Corona Chair. The Corona EJ5 Chair was inspired by time-lapse photography of a lunar eclipse and its encompassing corona. Others believe the inspiration was the robustness and versatility of a human spine.

The STIN's Corona EJ5 Chair styled by Poul Volther style is high quality and faithful production. The unique individual parts of the chair are placed on a brushed stainless-steel frame that curves down to a four-point star base.

The STIN Corona EJ5 Chair can be upholstered in either soft cashmere wool or semi-aniline leather, which is resistant to stains and comes in a range of colours. The overall dimension of the STIN EJ5 Corona Chair is Volume m3: 0.36 kg, Width: 58 cm, Height: 106 cm, Depth: 61 cm, Seating height: 46 cm.

However, the STIN EJ5 Corona Chair does resemble a human spine, with each component working to support the back when seated if one looks straight at the chair. Our Poul Volther style Corona EJ5 Chair is a faithful and high-quality production. Please visit our website www.stin.com for more details.