April 25, 2021

STIN George Nelson Wall Clock

by stin

Affectionately hand-crafted to the original and classic 1950s design specifications is now available in a version of STIN.com. George Nelson's classic Petal Wall clock by STIN is a welcome addition to any interior design project, adding sumptuous shapes and shades, along with clear, dependable functionality. This George Nelson Wall Clock by STIN is the perfect example of a clock made with the soft rounded edges and vibrant colours of its namesake playing off crisp circles of the clock face and the straight lines.

George Nelson was a creator for whom perspective was everything. Not content with simply using an unadulterated or geometric form, he would combine the two to the overwhelming effort, carving out a design style that was entirely his own. Its four sections each have their own vibrant colours, bringing the fundamental beauty of flowers indoors, while the crisp black hands make telling the time effortlessly. Its rounded edges also serve to complete an authentic classic design and soften the design.

Ever since its first appearance over half a century ago, it has hung in stylish mezzanines and deluxe dining rooms of the globe. Now, you can enjoy the elegance of STIN's Clock collection by Nelson in all your favourite spaces year-round with ten years guarantee and more than 300000+ happy customers. Want to see or know more about our sofas? Visit our website and select your beautiful piece of art which will be perfect for your drawing room.