May 4, 2021

STIN Verner Panton’s Fun Pendant

by stin

The STIN Verner Panton's Fun Pendant is a stunning aquatic-themed beauty designed by renowned Verner Panton. The Panton Fun Pendant Lamp by STIN features a cascade of hand-cut mother-of-pearl discs that reflect light to give off a warm illumination.

Verner Panton’s father being a fisherman, always had an affinity with the sea. With his Fun Pendant Lamp by STIN, Panton was able to physically connect his design world with the marine life of his father.

The shells gently blow in the breeze, creating shimmering movement, even when switched off, almost like wind chimes. The pendant is part of a series called ‘Fun Lamps’, which began in 1964 with a prototype made from foil. This later changed to the metal before Panton brought in his favored choice of material – mother-of-pearl shells.

Designed to hang low, Pendant Lamps would look particularly impressive over a kitchen counter or coffee table, or dining table. The STIN Bubble Lamp comes in a white silk material shed, with an aluminium stand, and the overall dimension of the STIN Bubble Lamp is Volume m3: 0.0315 kg, Width: 27.5 cm, Height: 46.5 cm, and Depth: 27.5 cm.

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