September 14, 2021

Stin Version of Concert P1 Lamp

by stin

The world-famous Concert P1 lamp illuminates comfortable glare-free light. Moreover, the pendant adds to a general brightening of the room, thanks to the light that sparkles out through the layers. The unique lamp design is visually characteristic of Utzon’s design ethos and is reminiscent of his greatest work, the Sydney Opera House. The pendant shades are handcrafted. The concert p1 lamp goes perfectly as a centerpiece in both living and meeting space. It is a three-step, glass diffuser which casts pleasant and even light. It is by all accounts both modern and Scandinavian, making it viable with most of the interiors. It sets a stylish design statement in various modern spaces.

The suspension of the pendant guarantees that the lamp discharges comfortable and subtle light from between the shades. The design likewise enlightens the cable and the upward-facing parts of the lampshade. The lower lampshade coordinates light into the dish, which diffuses the light. The dish doesn't lighten the light, but guarantees that it doesn't blind; paying little heed to which tallness the pendant is suspended from.

The Stin version of Concert P1 Lamp is professionally crafted and similar to the original design, offering a smooth, sleek, and minimalistic look. It includes four glass shades that provide unique dispersal of light, creating a warm, comforting ambiance.