September 10, 2021

Stylish STIN 265 Wall Lamps

by stin

Seeming to defy gravity, The Mod 265 wall lamp by designer Paolo Rizzatto is in a classification all its own. Multi-point rotatable head and long, customizable swing arm divider lamp. The wall lamp head-which turns 360-degrees with the goal that it tends to be pointed toward any path-gives a spotless, direct light. The body is painted steel, with a flexible arm and reflector. There is a chromed metal reflector support. The gorgeous tapered counterweight is tightened solid metal. There is an on/off switch on the attachment holder, and a module power rope estimating 80-inches. Accessible in black and white finish.

Ideal for enlightening a dining table or the bedside. Inspired by a minimalistic approach and design, Paolo Rizzatto made this iconic timeless piece in 1973.