December 12, 2017

Take Away Home Florence Knoll Style 2-Seater Sofa

by stin

Florence Knoll is an American architect and furniture designer born in Michigan in 1917. She designed the 2 seater sofa in a classic way that looks simple and elegant. It is ideal furniture to add on to your home. It bears padded cushions making it very comfortable for lounging and doing chit chat with friends and family. The high quality material of luxury leather used for its manufacturing gives its high longevity and sophistication. The product is available in many different colors including dark brown, brown and black. It has a wonderful pattern stitched on the upper part of it that makes it a good looking décor. Not only at homes, can this 2 seater sofa also be used in offices at relaxing zones where employees can find peace after hectic work at their cabin. It is scaled down to fit every area. Adopt it for your places and see the difference how it would contribute in day to day usage. You will surely feel the difference.