February 4, 2019

The Swan Chair - Beautiful and Elegant

by stin

The swan chair is an inspired and timeless piece of furniture of Arne Jacobsen Swan Chair. The delightful curved and mesmerizing curves of this swan chair is designed specifically to give you comfort and support to your body. The 1958 inspired design was initially designed for Royal SAS Hotel in Copenhagen. This beautiful masterpiece is handmade from the premium quality of cashmere wool and leather.

  • Inspired by Arne Jacobsen Swan Chair furniture
  • Handmade with finest quality of leather and cashmere wool
  • First designed for Royal SAS Hotel in Copenhagen
  • Available in multiple colour options

Buy the Arne Jacobson inspired by Swan Chair today to make your house look sophisticated. The swan like design has steel support shaped perfectly to give you comforts. The swan like shape looks realistic and it invites everyone to sit down and relax.

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