February 22, 2019

The Swan Sofa - Elegant Design and Perfect Craftsmanship

by stin

The Swan Sofa which is inspired by Arne Jacobsen has the same design and feel of his elegant Swan Sofa. It has got the same curves and the moment you will see it, you will recognize the sofa from 1958. The sofa will follow the natural lines of your body, making you feel extremely relaxed while sitting on it. This sofa is available both in premium leather or luxury cashmere with stainless steel base.

  • Inspired by Arne Jacobsen’s masterpiece built in 1958
  • It is designed for comfort and style
  • Available in premium leather and cashmere
  • Available in an array of colours

Bring in the Arne Jacobsen inspired Swan Sofa to your home and enhance the beauty of your living room instantly. This sofa is built with perfect craftsmanship to make you feel like you are seated in a luxury hotel lounge or a restaurant. Even James Bond, Daniel Crag couldn’t resist himself from appreciating its charm.

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