March 15, 2021

Tulip Dining Table

by stin

If you were looking for a table that has a minimalistic approach and an elegant design, then your search ends here. This is the time when we want a kind of furniture item that fulfills all our purposes in a simple yet most beautiful way. Tulip Dining Table is designed for the same purpose and has become one of the trending dining tables because of its simple yet powerful design. This design of this inspired is inspired by Eero Saarinen’s creations.

Just like the original version, the table available at Stin has a solid and a curved aluminum base that gives it a powerful and elegant structure. The sculpted leg extends up to an amazing fiberglass tabletop. With this table, you can enjoy intimate moments with your dear ones and spend quality time with your family members. With this design, this table is specially created for those who love spending their leisure time in the best way possible. Tulip Dining Table is a result of a 5-year long process that makes it durable and adds an aesthetic value to the complete unit.

At Stin, you can expect the best quality of Tulip Designing Tables that are designed for users who share a special connection with their house and its décor products.