March 6, 2018

Turn Your Decor Elegant With a Charlottenborg Lamp

by stin

A Charlottenborg Lamp is designed with inspiring the design of the lamp made by the Paul Henningsen in 1925. It offers a beautiful diffusion in a light which turns the surrounding places more beautiful and elegant.

A Charlottenborg Lamp consists 4 inter-woven shades of frosted glass that gives it a luxury and royal look. You can slip it seamlessly into almost any setting. Once installed, the user will feel comfortable and cozy after placing it. It has made by using the top-notch material or elements which mean once installed you are not supposed to change of at least for 10 years.

To buy a Charlottenborg Lamp, you can open While purchasing through, you will experience a heavy discount, which is not offered by other Charlottenborg Lamp providers.

Now it’s time to swap your ordinary lamp into a Charlottenborg Lamp to make your home beautiful.