May 19, 2018

Turn your wall elegant with pill desk clock

by stin

Seeking to buy an elegant clock which besides giving an exact time, offers a beautiful decor?  The Pill desk clock is designed to cater this need. It is built by using the similar specifications of George Nelson's pill desk clock.

Being designed by using the wood material, it gives a natural beauty to a wall. Hanging this pill desk clock in your office, luxury room, lobby area, hotels, café, restaurants, and other beautiful paces would surely influence the audience.

  • Well-defined convex clock face
  • Exposed wood finish
  • Durable as even after 10 years doesn’t rid of finish
  • Compact and natural look, suitable to any place

To turn your old clock with this beautiful desk clock is an ideal choice and make it possible, log in and avail your wish at the discounted price. Moreover, you would able to have a comprehensive look at purchasing.