November 30, 2017

What Could Be More Luxurious Than A Comfortable Chair?

by stin

If you want to define true masterpiece, then No. 45 chair is the best example. It beautifully becomes the symbolic of Finn Juhl’s design genius. The chair is also denoted as ‘mother of all chairs’. The light structure is due to the space present in between the seat and the frame. When combined with organic shape and beautiful detailing, nothing can stand in front of it. This unique beauty appeals the admirers all over the world. Not in only looks modern, but gives you comfort when you sit on it at the same time.

The innovative design shows the high quality craftsmanship that can easily be seen in the frame. The solid structure is the result of clean lines and sculptural curves. While resting your back on the back rest, you will understand what the luxury actually means. If you have a passion for extravagant and luxurious collection of the furniture, then this chair suits your requirements perfectly.