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Ergonomic and beautiful our designer office chairs provide the perfect balance between style and function. Each chair supports the body in all the right places so you can work in comfort. While the iconic designs and a choice of colours make it easy to create a unique and inspirational workspace.

One of the most iconic designer Eames desk chairs of the modern classics, this Eames office chair reproduction adds weight and poise to your office. With superior comfort as well as style, this office chair is worthy of its fame and perfect for the discerning business. We offer the wide range of different types of chairs for your office use.

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  1. The Right Chairs
    The Right Chairs
    As low as $799.00
  2. Omega Office Chair
    Omega Office Chair
    • -76%
    • -1474
    Eames Office Chair EA-119
    Inspired by Charles Eames
    As low as $471.00
    • -70%
    • -1464
    EA 217 Office Chair
    Inspired by Charles Eames
    As low as $636.00
    • -70%
    • -1166
    Eames Office Chair EA-105
    Inspired by Charles Eames
    As low as $506.00

5 Items

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