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The Tall Eames Lounge Chair is a custom order and will be shipped in 4 weeks. All sales are final for custom orders, no refunds, returns or exchanges

The Tall Lounge Chair reproduction is one of the most famous mid-century modern pieces. Its replica form and functionality have made it one of the most sought after pieces in modern history. This iconic design can be found in popular films, television shows, businesses and in thousands of residences across the globe. Its designers, Charles and ray, had originally intended to give it the look and feel of a well worn first Baseball mitt. It led to the creation of the STIN Tall Lounge Chair and Ottoman, featuring your choice of multiple leather finishes, high density cushions and imported veneers. Whether you are craving that Mad Men look, or are looking to outfit your living room with a modern design, the STIN Tall Lounge Chair is the right choice for you. Specifications: What makes the STIN Tall Lounge Chair so special? This premium STIN Tall Lounge Chair is the creme de la creme when it comes to style and comfort. Each of our leather options offer an incredibly supple texture and develops a wonderful softness over time. Knowing that it will only age, like wine makes the lounge chair a brilliant investment for your home or office. Premium STIN - Classic Tall Lounge Chair Replica features:

  • Available in both Eames and tall versions
  • Upholstered in your choice of top-grain eco-leather, premium Italian leather, and 100% aniline leather imported from Italy. Over the years we have maintained excellent relationships with our supplier and have an extensive supply of leather finishes. All parts of the chair are made with the same leather grade option you choose
  • Braided thread used with Lockstitch (stitch type #301) ensures piping stays in place and seams are long lasting
  • Our plywood veneer is FAS American Timber. FAS certified means that they are the best cuts from the log with minimal knots. These are sourced exclusively from USA, Canadian and Brazilian companies
  • As specified by the original design, the veneer features 7 ply's of cross-grained engineered wood and is Kiln dried to prevent any sort of warping or cracking
  • The veneer is finished with a final application of Italian Lacquer protecting the wood and giving it the most natural look possible. After 4 coats have been applied, the color will not fade over time
  • PU-Injected memory foam cushions are wrapped with a synthetic silk. This results in an extremely comfortable chair with the highest level of durability
  • Cushions are removable, as per the original design
  • Silicone shock mounts underneath the arm connects the back and base of the chair allowing for flex. Silicone provides for the optimal amount of flexibility and longevity
  • Standard Vitra-style cast base and back braces comes in powder-coated black with a high polish bright aluminum trim
  • Chair features 360 degree swivel
  • Little to no discernible difference between our replication and the original design

About the Designer Charles & Ray Eames were an American husband and wife team that changed furniture design and architecture during the 20th century. They were vital in popularizing new materials and techniques for crafting furniture, such as using molded plywood, fiberglass, plastic resin and wire mesh. This item is not an original Charles & Ray Lounge chair, nor is it manufactured by or affiliated with Herman Miller.

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What To Look For When Buying An Classic Lounge Chair?

Like buying a large television set, an Classic Lounge Chair is a big purchase that requires some knowledge into the technicalities of the product before making the big buy. To ensure the utmost satisfaction with the lounge chair of your choosing, it is best to examine certain aspects of the chair before making your buy. Retailers of Classic chair reproductions often assert how similar the chair is to the original model. Despite the similarity between different reproductions, there may be hidden snags that lessen the durability of the chair. 

Choosing The Right Leather And Wooden Veneers

The great thing about our classic Classic Lounge chair replicas is that they are fully customizable. Firstly, they come in six different colors. Once you choose the color that best fits your interior design needs, you have the option of individualizing your chair further with your choice of shell in terms of the wood and leather. There are three qualities of leather for you to choose form: basic, Italian and aniline leather. The wooden veneers come in two varieties: Palisander and walnut wood.

Five Things You Didn’t Know About The Classic Lounge Chair

The Classic Lounge Chair & Ottoman replica is hands-down the star of mid-20th century modern furniture. It is the emblem of modern furniture design and one of the most replicated pieces of furniture to ever have sprung from the mid-20th century. But besides these well-known facts, the Classic Lounge Chair has some hidden secrets that may not be known to even the biggest fans of the lounge chair and ottoman. 

The Classic Lounge Chair In Small NYC Apartments And Other Small Spaces

When living in New York City, or any other major metropolitan area, the size of one’s abode is always a concern. For millions of city dwellers, this is but another feat to overcome, except it is a daily reality. Mid-20th century furniture is always a good edition to any indoor space, especially for those interested in modernizing or giving their place an air of luxury. A luxurious feel is even possible in a space lacking, well…space. You just need to know how to configure your furniture and make smart buys.

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