Eiffel Wire Chair

Inspired by Charles Eames
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  • Statement design from 1951
  • Classic Eames Eiffel Tower legs
  • Luxury Italian leather seat and backrest
  • Craftsmanship to match the original

Charles Eames Eiffel Wire Chair

The playfully designed Eiffel Bikini Wire Chair showcases Eames's love of the unexpected. The Eiffel Wire Chair is an intriguing mix of industrial elements, minimalist aesthetics, bikini-shaped leather pads and a classic Eiffel base. The result is unmistakably Eames - a beautifully crafted, unique and distinctive chair that perfectly fuses styles and materials.With just the right combination of high quality chrome and top grain Italian leather, the Eiffel Wire Chair is an elegant addition to your home. Strong and lightweight yet surprisingly comfortable, the chair works particularly well as a statement piece in the dining room, office or bedroom.

The story behind the Eames Eiffel Wire Chair

Charles and Ray Eames had an enduring passion for design and were constantly experimenting with new and pioneering production techniques. After discovering groundbreaking ways to mould wood, Charles and Ray Eames turned their attention to their next material - metal. Inspired by the dress forms and baskets, the Eameses concentrated on developing innovative ways to bend and weld wire. They were particularly interested in creating an organically shaped one-piece seat, which could be attached to a variety of different bases. The result was the now-iconic Wire Chair. The Eiffel base and leather padding were later added for extra comfort and style.

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  • SKU : CHA970206
  • Volume m3 : 0.277 kg
  • Packaging Dimensions : 54 x 57 x 90 cm
  • Material : ANILINE LEATHER
  • Colour : White
  • Size : No
  • Width : 47 cm
  • Height : 85 cm
  • Depth : 50.5 cm
  • Seating height : 46 cm
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  • 10 years guarantee
  • High-quality materials
  • +300.000 happy customers
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Charles Eames

Charles, 1907-1978 (United States) - Ray, 1912-1988 (United States)

Charles Eames was an American designer and innovator who pioneered new techniques, such as the fibreglass and plastic resin moulding and wire mesh frames. He usually worked alongside his wife, Ray, though he is often credited alone. In the 1940s, the designers began focusing on the new plastics and were excited by the properties the material held. They were able to mould the plastics into organic shapes that followed the shape of the body. This discovery led to a whole new look in furniture that perfectly captured the spirit of the times. The couple’s most iconic designs include the DAR chair, the DSR Dining Chair, the RAR Rocker, the DSW Dining Chair, the EA 108 Office Chair and the Wire Base Table. Many of these were first presented at the New York Museum of Modern Art’s Low-Cost Furniture Design Competition in the late 1940s.

"The details are not the details. They make the design."