Useful and Beautiful

The furniture in your home should be more than just useful or just attractive – it should be both. STIN was born out of a frustration at the lack of affordable, quality modern furniture styled after mid-century modern classics.

How We Do It

STIN maintains quality and saves you money by skipping the dealers and showplaces to bring the furniture direct to you. Middlemen make prices jump, so we work intensely with the manufacturers to keep costs low and quality high and then present our pieces online so you can afford timeless, well-crafted pieces for your home.


Retail store profit

Licensing fees & licensing company profit

Cost to design, manufacture & distributet


STIN is a collaborative effort of researchers, manufacturers, and specialists all with the goal of crafting accessible designer furniture.

STIN Construction

We have simple demands: our furniture has to be of the highest quality, using only the materials used by the original designers. On top of that, it has to remain affordable and offer customization when possible. Our pieces come in a wide array of colors and materials to match a variety of homes. Each piece of STIN furniture meets these demands, which is why they are all backed by our 10 year guarantee. 


STIN Materials

From New Zealand cashmere to modern dyed fiberglass, STIN uses only top tier materials to produce each piece of furniture. Our rigorous two-step quality control process ensures that these standards never vary, and our manufacturing teams rely on their decades of experience during each design and production.



STIN team members live for good design. From design developers to customer service representatives, each person at STIN works to bring exquisite furniture to everyday consumers. 


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