Privacy Policy



(1) The services provided by STIN.com are contingent upon you providing us with accurate and up-to-date information. We commit to protecting your privacy on our end and you pledge to keep your username and password secure. You also agree to the Terms & Conditions page of STIN.com by using this website.

2 - Consent

(1) By using the STIN.com website you agree to provide the information required during registration and shipping in accordance with this policy. If you object, please do not use STIN.com
(2) If you have the object, then please do not register with us or on the website or use our services.
(3) In addition, sometimes we can collect additional data from surveys on the site, you will not need to quit and return required.
(4) If you give us information about another person or organization, it is on the basis that they have accepted and you have the right to supply this information and use it in this manner.

3 - Personal Information

(1)Unless you have signed a separate agreement with us, all the data we use will, for example, identify services, run the website and our activities effectively and for analysis and marketing. Unless otherwise agreed, the personal data will only be used by us and our subsidiaries or parent companies and selected third parties, including those who perform services for us / our order.
(2) Users (not advertisers) - It sends updates and information communication (eg about new services or offers) and we can also send you a newsletter when you choose one. You can choose to enter or receive no information
(A) authorize the full use and dissemination of information that we have requested from us (except account information) on this website and on websites we operate and / or own.
(B) Order our newsletter and updates on our website and services if you specifically decide

4 - Non-Personal Information

(1) In the case of using, also recorded and automatically saves the information. However, this information does not identify you (or possibly your company) personally. We use this aggregate to analyze the behavior on our website for general information. We can also share aggregated information with selected third parties, but will not disclose your personal information.
(2) We use your IP address to identify you and collect demographic information to diagnose problems with our server and to administer the site and for security reasons, such as detecting fraud.
(3) Cookies
(A) Like most other websites, we use cookies that are files that are web browser on the hard drive of a computer that helps us to detect if you have visited the site so that we can make meaningful experience for you as much as possible And improve the website. They are not used to read data from the hard drive and can not retrieve information from other cookie files created by other sites
(B) alone, cookies that you do not personally identify. Simply recognize your browser. Unless you choose to identify, for example by registering with us or buying us, so stay anonymous. Cookies come in two types: session-based and persistent: Session cookies (I) are only available during an online session. You will disappear from your computer when you close your browser or turn off your computer (Ii) persistent cookies remain on your computer after you close your browser or your computer. This includes information such as a unique identifier for your browser. We use persistent cookies that we read and use to recognize the fact that you are a user of an older website or user of a website (in any case) and the race track. We pay particular attention to the security and confidentiality of the information stored in persistent cookies. These cookies expire after six months.br /> (C) Some cookies are essential parts of the site and have already been set up. You can delete and block all cookies from our website, but this means that some parts of the website do not work. Users who can disable the ability of the web browser to accept cookies can view our website but can not fully utilize our websites and services.
(D) You can delete all cookies on your computer by searching for the file or directory that stores and deletes cookies, using the instructions for your software file management. browser on the hard drive of a computer that helps us to detect if you have visited the site so that we can make meaningful experience for you as much as possible And improve the website. They are not used to read data from the hard drive and can not retrieve information from other cookie files created by other sites

5 - Associates

(1) If you visit our website by clicking on "" from a website operated by one of our partners, or if you have registered with that partner, then sending the related information about you that you provide us. You should consult the privacy policies of the website from which you came to our website to determine what information is collected and how you agreed that the partner can use this information. We can keep this information or not; When we do, we will use it in accordance with our Privacy Policy, regardless of the site political partners have visited us.
(2) If you access our website through one of our partners (if you have registered with them or not), and you choose to register with us, you must give your partner all or part of your registration data. We will agree with this policy but we can not control how the partner uses the information. If you have questions about the privacy policy of our partners, you should review its policies before reviewing the information. You can make sure that the personal information you provide is not shared with partners (except in accordance with this policy) to visit us on one of our partners directly instead.

6 - Changing and viewing information

(1) you may change the information you provide to us by sending an e-mail to info@STIN.as.
(2) You have the right to request a copy of your information (for a small fee) please send an e-mail to info@STIN.as. However, only today we will send this information to the e-mail address for you if you send us your full postal address and ask them to send you information in your postal address (and can verify validity of this address).

7 - Queries

(1) If you have any questions about this privacy policy or information, please send an e-mail to info@stin.com.
(2) Our goal is to answer all questions within 7 working days.


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