June 11, 2018

A Brief Guide on Verner Panton Onion Pendant Lamp

by stin

Over the period of life, you have experienced the distinct shapes and style of lamps, but it’s a bet never look at the lamp looks like an onion. Might be, it is somehow interesting to look at this lamp or add-on in your home. Well, Onion Pendant lamp has introduced which is a replica of Verner Panton lamp.

Being designed the similar looks like an onion; this lamp has multiply curved pleats and overlapping shell that ensures the impression of delicacy and lightness. The fact is that craftsmen overtook many experiences to make the same replica. Moreover, no worry about this durability, the users can use it or at least a decade prior to indulging in any services.

In brief, onion lamp is a perfect substitute to add-on in the distinct areas of your home or offices as its beautiful layers and feature will give you charming effect.