There are certain staples in design, but many interior designers are seeking to capitalize on current trends. You can work these trends into your living spaces to ensure you have a modern, fashionable home.

Take a look at some examples of what styles are hot now.


The soft colors of pastels are a perennial favorite. In clothing and housewares from New York to Paris, you’ll see pastel shades of blue, green, yellow, and pink. They look perfect in a modern space, with just a hint of throwback to style icons of the 1970s. Pastels are an excellent way to create a calming atmosphere. They have always remained popular in Scandinavian design, and has a variety of pastel options for our pieces.


Monochrome has long been popular in interior design, and the fashion world is starting to get in on the striking contrast of black and white. This eye-catching pairing opens up a room, creating a sense of more space and order with clean lines. Living spaces are a natural choice for a monochromatic palette, but bathrooms and bedrooms also look stunning when decorated this way.


Too much color can make a room feel overloaded, but adding just the right touch of vibrant blue or deep red can bring a space to life. The Charles Eames chairs from are an ideal way to introduce a bright centerpiece and are available in a variety of colors. Use one or two to brighten your room, and then incorporate that color elsewhere through textiles and accents for a sophisticated feel.


Reflective surfaces and polished metals have long intrigued architects and designers. Copper and brushed silver are both popular in homes right now, especially mixed with wood or bright colors. A metal side table or dining chair is a simple way to bring this sleek trend into your home, and features a wide array of metal pieces for you to choose from.